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Women's 12 Step Structure

The structure of our program is fine tuned and over 20 years old. Larry and his mentor Perry Petaccia worked diligently to fine-tune and hone the program while working together from 1990 to 1994. Some of these rules, guidelines, and statuses have not changed since then.

Flexible Solutions
The structure/program of The Liberty Ranch is able to encompass most work schedules and problems an individual may have upon entry into the facility. It changes over the length of time an individual is in the house to fit around or provide support to them in they're ever changing lives and issues. The type of support one needs at 30 days is different from the type of support needed at six to nine months, when the problems are very different.

Passion for Recovery
Says Luttrell, “The Liberty Ranch provides the necessary support to continue living and developing a productive sober life. Many sober living home operators lack the knowledge, skills and expertise to structure a long-term program geared toward sobriety and change. One in which residents "want" to remain until they graduate because they are inspired and "dig" the program.”

Tanith W. director of The Liberty Ranch For Women says, “The house is all about love, tolerance and patience. To be willing to sit for four or five hours just to help somebody else get honest and stay sober. That’s what it’s all about.”

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