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How is the Ranch Different?
The Ranch is not a sterile medical treatment facility. It is more like a home. Here we focus on the resident’s behavior. Most treatment facilities are not set up to deal with the underlying reasons for an addict’s behavior. But at the Ranch, the structure of the house brings out a resident’s character defects and short-comings and are dealt with. The program allows residents to face real life situations in a structured and supportive environment.

Will I be able to see my children?
Besides our family group every other Saturday, Resident's children can spend two weekends a month at the facility.

How long will I need to stay?
That depends on how well you progress. Everyone is different and no two people recover at the same rate. We have 30, 60 and 90 day programs. And many people stay even longer. The longer you stay, the better your chances of staying sober. A recent Depaul Study has shown that residents in long-term, structured sober living homes have a far greater success rate in recovery than those in short term programs. *

What are the advantages of coming to an all women’s facility?

By removing the opposite sex from the equation, residents at The Ranch feel more safe in openly sharing issues that may have contributed to the addict’s current situation. Instead, they can focus on recovery and bond with other sober women while sharing their issues free from embarrassment

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