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Women alcoholics and addicts who have children present a unique challenge in recovery. Often the pressures of raising and supporting a family, especially for single parents, can become overwhelming. Leaving the chemically dependent mother feeling like she has no choice except to turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. Our women’s specific program focuses on these and other issues facing mothers new in recovery with parenting classes and workshops in self-esteem, co-dependency, domestic violence, building a support group and relapse prevention. Through the program residents learn how to become better parents by working the 12-steps and living free of chemical dependency. By working with a sponsor, residents are taught how to become more independent both financially and emotionally.

When it comes to recovery, women face far different challenges and obstacles than men do. Women, especially with children, still suffer from the stigma of alcoholism and drug addiction far greater shame and guilt than men do. Because our focus is women-only, residents who have children learn how to open-up and share their experiences and, perhaps for the first time, with other mothers who can offer their strength and support. This is only one of the reasons why the women’s program at The Liberty Ranch boasts such a high success rate.

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