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The Liberty Ranch is pleased to see that a study by Depaul University was conducted and demonstrates that long-term care is the best method for alcoholics and drug. We have practiced this philosophy for over 20 years based on our own findings.


“The two most important implications of the findings are that peer-run, community-based recovery housing care, such as Oxford House, yields exceptional rates of success and that it is a cost-effective remedy to recidivism among substance abusers”, writes Leonard Jason of Depaul University (Read the Full Study).




Unlike treatment centers that focus on abbreviated stays, our approach has been far more successful in helping addicts/alcoholics to achieve long term sobriety. Our facilities work to integrate a 12-step structure of recovery into their everyday lives. The end result is a drastically increased rate of recovery for our visitors.


While we highly recommend long-term stays, we also offer a condensed version of this program in 30, 60 and 90 day formats for those who cannot stay longer. We have had much success with this due to the amount of structure we have and the intense 12-step focus, however, our longer term stays is always best.


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